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  1. DarkMetalTIm

    [24th May 2020] PS Ladder R7 - Red Devils vs KG Kempf

    Logistics at/he or sapper/mg
  2. DarkMetalTIm

    [23rd May 2020] 40-1 & 7AD vs RIP

    Logistics at/he or sapper/mg
  3. DarkMetalTIm

    [May 3rd 2020] 40-1 & 7AD vs Kampfgruppe Kempf

    Im in if possible, Prefer logistics (with dyllanepic & Nutzzr) otherwise sniper/mg/sapper no sl
  4. DarkMetalTIm

    Hi my name is tim

    Hello, Im Darkmetaltim and I also like to join 40-1, I've played on your servers for a while, and signed up with my friends to join. Useally we play Armor & Logistic, were im the driver. My hobbies, airsoft, fishing, rallycross/dirt track racing Any questions, lemme know See you on the...