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  1. [40-1] Dudle

    Ban Appeal

    Hi DominickMaddox, I kicked / banned you for intentional team killing. I know its frustrating when you get team killed and especially when they are obviously griefing, but the answer is never to TK back. I was playing the game as well as trying to admin, so a response is not always immediate...
  2. [40-1] Dudle

    why ? incursor27 complied and still got kicked

    Hi Incursor, Let me explain. The server was seeding, as you know, but ,maybe what you didn't know is our side was struggling to keep players from leaving as your side had 2 MSP's close to the point and our MSP's had a line of enemy preventing reinforcements. Yes you did move away from our...
  3. [40-1] Dudle

    Hello, Bergie here (again!)

    Glad to see you here dude :salute:
  4. [40-1] Dudle

    Hello There

    Hey Double :)
  5. [40-1] Dudle

    Hello There

    Dudle here, After being beat down for the last few weeks by DoubleYouTee and ItsLoz I have finally submitted to the fact that I can no longer get away with being a "rando". I was gifted this game by a friend who stopped playing after 3 weeks, and since then have somehow managed to accrue...