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  1. [40-1] VoLTRiX

    VoLTRiX! Welcome to 40-1!

    Thanks matee! :) I can always rely on any 40-1 member when in my squad!!
  2. [40-1] VoLTRiX

    VoLTRiX! Welcome to 40-1!

    Thanks so much guysss!!! :') couldn't feel more grateful to all of you who helped me out, for being kind, it's been a great experience being part of this clan! hopefully we can create a stronger brotherhood mates! looking forward to playing more games with y'all, having our laughs and good...
  3. [40-1] VoLTRiX


    Welcome Fiddler! :amazed:
  4. [40-1] VoLTRiX

    How's it hanging

    Welcome! Welcomee
  5. [40-1] VoLTRiX

    Hello everybody~

    Thanks Guys :amazed:
  6. [40-1] VoLTRiX


    Hey Wassup Zebb! Well.. Let's play some Post Scriptum, on the 40-1 server! if you're new, dont worry i can help you with anything just hit me up on steam! same username:amazed:
  7. [40-1] VoLTRiX

    Hello everybody~

    Hey, i'm VoLTRiX, i'm from Greece i'm 21 y/o and i mostly play on PS. So see ya there!