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  1. ExpendaBubble

    Happy Birthday, [40-1] Nutzzr

    That looks like fun!
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    Happy Birthday, [40-1] Nutzzr

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    Steam Summer Sale 2020 Highlights

    Hey gang, I've just grabbed myself the Company of Heroes 2 Master Collection for a measly EUR 5,06. That's less than the pack of smokes I no longer smoke. I highly recommend grabbing it, since the Friday Night Crew (aka the Verdun Crew aka the Company of Heroes Crew) regularly plays it on...
  4. ExpendaBubble

    Game Servers Now Updated Automatically

    It's been on my wish list for quite a while now, but I've finally been able to put together the necessary parts to make this happen. From this moment forward all game servers (Post Scriptum, Squad, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam) will be updated automatically, within 5 minutes of release. This concept...
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    Apply for unban

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    Apply for unban

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    New clan tag idea

    It's 40-to-1, not 40-minus-1.
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    Happy Birthday, [40-1] Buckol

    Euj gefeliciflapstaart!
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    Hey Guys

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    Happy Birthday [40-1] Jolek

    Happy birthday buddy.