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[40-1] PregnantWhale

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Good day sir/madam,

The name ingame is: PregnantWhale

So i just got banned on the 40-1 Uk1 server in Rising Storm 2 Vietnam due toxic chat. Kinda confused for not getting a warning before and what I said isn't toxic in my opinion. However, someone told me to go to bed everytime i was chatting around (not toxic), so i replied: you can't act like you're my mommy because she's already dead'. That might be an extraordinary reply to such comments, but personally not toxic. I simply made clear why he can't act like my mother, as he was doing. If I did cross one of the lines of the beloved admins, I would sincerely apology for crossing that line. I would love to be able to play on the server again, but this time i'll be focusing on the game next time instead of the chat.

Kind regards
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That's a great message, thanks for that.

I think in this case it was "just" a session ban, so you should be able to rejoin once a new map starts (we're now on Firebase Georgina).

EDIT: checked, yes, just a session ban. Come back when the map changes (very soon).