Ban Appeal

Big Gay Ice Cream

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I was banned for under the rule "no racism, no xenophobia, no religious talk, no politics, no trolling". I do not recall saying anything that would be ban worthy under this rule and I have never typed in chat. I am a staunch believer of leaving religion and politics out of video games because we are all just trying to have fun and there is no need to get into a debate mid-game. Moreover, it would no sense for me to say xenophobic or racist since I am not only an immigrant, but I'm also a minority who believes that everyone is equal. If I have said or did anything that can be considered trolling I deeply apologize and meant no harm to the person/people I may have affected.


Hey mate,

thanks for the message I am gonna look into that and speak with the admin who issued the ban.


[40-1] Deaddecal

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Hey mate, I'm so sorry i banned you. I messed up and thought i banned another guy that was being toxic. I lifted the ban and again i'm so sorry.