Ban Appeal


New member
I was banned from your server for using bad language. The reason for the incident was someone on my team killed me twice for no reason. I told the admin, but he told us to stop. I killed the one who killed me in anger and said a bad word. I was angry, i am really sorry. I demand that my ban be lifted.



thanks for your message.
First a small correction, you did not get banned for using bad language, but for teamkilling and griefing on multiple occasions. Secondly, I think that "demand" might not the best choice of words when appealing a ban.
Anyhow, like I mentioned you got banned on multiple occasions for teamkilling and griefing, but we are willing to give you one last chance and lift the ban . I need to point out that any violation of our rules will result in a perm-ban again without chance of appeal.