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Before I start...
As some of RS2 players might recognize me for my irritating behaviour, yelling at other people, eating/putting my microhone to my mouth or any other weird stuff I commit- now is the time to jump into the clan in a more "professional way". So, good afternoon/evening to all members of this forum and clan!
My name is Michał (Mike), I am 22 years old male from Poland, studying 1st year of engineer's Renewable sources of energy and waste management subject in Wrocław.
I have always been keen on playing games, mostly military ones- Medal of Honor and Call of Duty series were my childhood stories and history used to be my strongest passion. I started playing RO2/RS1 in 2013 and since that time such game concept caught my attention. At 2017 I have bought Rising Storm 2: Vietnam and since then we made a connection, which lasts till today.
Feel free to PM me, I am open for meeting new people, improving English (or any other) language speaking skills and (maybe) meeting one day with some of you!
Thanks for surviving till this point, wish you all the best! :-)
Harold Trumpet
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