Hi. I want to report a serial Teamkiller.


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I was playing today with VC and the USA side started to lose badly. Hour was been 1h30 - 1h40.

One of US guy went to VC team to team kill me like 3 to 4 time. No aa No recon. etc.

It is not nice to see people behave like this. So i report em. His name is arachnidsGrip

Thanks for you're help.


Clan Captain
Clan Captain
Hi Affe,

Thx for reporting again. He has some time off our servers. For faster response you can use our report function on Discord

All the best from Sturmie


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Hey SturmTurm.

Appreciate, you know the dud when mad cause we win. i was like man.. anyway not Tk em once and let em showing his motivation here.

Thanks for you're help, have a nice week Sir. :)