Hi there Miller here.

[T40-1] Bat5Miller

New member
Hello guys.

I have been playing on your server for a while and always enjoy the teamwork with all you 40-1 guys so now I decided to apply.
I played a lot of ww2 shooters over the years, Most hours I think I have in DOD that I played from the first day of release, then when that went out of style I played Battlefield, Forgotten Hope, Day of Infamy. Not sure how many hours total but I guess its a lot. In Post Scriptum I have some 800.

Other main hobby except computer games is aviation. I hold a ppl with instrument rating and fly around with friends and family. Right now with the Corona shit I stay
within the borders. Otherwise, I like to visit places close to southern Sweden. Love talking aviation so if anyone is interested I will gladly answer any questions about that.

Main skill in Post Scriptum I would say is camping roofs and bushes.

Cya on the server :)

Cheers Miller

[40-1] Havoc11

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Hey Miller, it's been fun playing with you over the last few weeks. Glad to see you've made an application.

[40-1] Ragnarök

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Welcome mate, happy to have you with us :thumbup:
That sounds awesome, would like to learn more about aviation. If you looking for someone who shares your Hobby then Bombat and SnakeShit are the 2 best persons to talk about aviation within the clan!

[40-1] 44

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Hi Miller, good to have you with us.

As for aviation, I’ve been an aviation enthousiast pretty all my life. These days I teach people how to fly as I’m a glider flight instructor. I also fly cross country and sometimes fly competitions.