[June 28th, 2020] PS Ladder Round 9 - Red Devils vs CF

[40-1] Lt Col Kilgore

THE Lt. Col.
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Hi all!

Our last PS Ladder match is coming up, this time against CF. The match will be played on June 28th 2020 @ 2000 BST / 2100 CEST.
We will be playing as Axis on Heelsum RAAS.

Squad allocation pending.

We need two more logi volunteers.

Please sign up below with your desired roles.
Note that we do not guarantee that you will get your desired role, but we will do our best that you do. Having more than one desired role is preferred. As always, it's best we have as many reserves as possible, too.


SIGNUPS (Desired roles in brackets):
1. Horst (INF SL)
2. Mamil (SL/Medic)
3. Ozmundo (Pioneer/MG/Radio)
4. Laddesh (Radio/MG/Marksman)
5. Mr.Rabbit (AT/Marksman/Rifleman/MG)
6. Joe Mentagolpe (SL/Radio/Rifle)
7. vaenoox (Any)
8. Ragnarök (Radio/MG/Any)
9. Buckol (Radio)
10. ExpendaBubble (Radio/Rifle)
11. BombatBlitz (Radio/MG/Pioneer/Grenadier)
12. Rhubarb (Marksman/Radio/AT)
13. Morot31 (Medic/MG/Radio)
14. itsloz (Any INF)
15. JustPrezz (MG/Grenadier/AT/Radio)
16. Kilgore
17. Cpl.Johansen (MG/Medic/Radio)

18. (SL) dyllanepic
19. (AP) CommanderJavik
20. (Medic) Dave_Tda18 (Medic/Logi)

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[40-1] dyllanepic

Clan Member
Logi SL as per usal đź‘Ť will be requiring 2 guys mostly running mortars and 1 guy for defense/building.
1x Logi AP
1x Logi Medic
1x Logi HE