[T40-1] Alex

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Hello guys and thank you for accepting me into your clan.

As you probably understood by the post headline, I come from Greece and my name is Alexis (Alex for PS). I must be the most terrible player ever played PS but I hope someday I will manage to shoot someone without having to empty a machine gun on him.

I decide to play on 40-1 server and join the clan for two reasons. In the beginning, the 40-1 server was one of the two that had a bearable ping (the other was either 1st or RIP) and the second one was when I read the rules of 40-1. I play PS to get away and to relax from the daily work madness and I need a place where there is no "stupidity excess". For me PS is not about killing but about strategy and team collaboration. I had the opportunity to play a few games with 40-1 members and I was thrilled by the way they were collaborating, communicating regardless of the outcome.

Thank you all for accepting my application and I am looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield.

Kalimera and stay safe!

[40-1] Laddesh

Field Officer
Field Officer
Welcome aboard mate, don't worry about your level in PS it's going to sky rocket with the guys you're going to be playing with! :amazed: