Kick + 3 Day Ban


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Hi all,

I'm a regular on the AUS servers but tend to hop on either the EASY or 40-1 server when it gets late. (this is my first time being kicked or banned)

Anyway, joined a game last night with about 40 players total (so half capacity) and found an enemy MSP around 10 minutes in. I killed/wounded a couple of enemies spawning from the MSP with the intention to eventually destroy it (not me personally but my team or another squad with AT).

I was abruptly kicked and when I re-joined the game asked what had happened. The admin (IMT I think the name was?) explained that camping MSP's during seeding is against the rules. I genuinely didn't realise this was against the server rules but accepted what I did was wrong. However, I did provide feedback (in a nice manner) to please provide a warning before kicking in the future as I wasn't aware of the rule or could be a new player.

I'm fairly sure that one of the players I killed spawning from the MSP was this admin and he seemed agitated judging by his responses and willingness to argue when I had provided feedback in a kind way (please check the chat log if this is possible at all).

Now comes the situation that led to a 3-day ban and is what I have an issue with.

I spawned from my teams MSP and ran for about 10-15 seconds, an enemy MSP passes right by my squad around 100m totally in the open across a field. I couldn't resist and fired maybe 3 shots and hit the driver, immediately kicked and banned for 3 days.

I'm under the impression that this shouldn't fall under MSP camping and that anyone driving an MSP shouldn't expect to be untouchable under fear of a kick/ban. Personally, I think that the MSP driver should still take normal precautions and flank around or take a longer route as to not come under fire right in the open.

If we were to let the MSP park up and begin spawning troops then we would basically get slaughtered because we can't even fire in their direction, alternatively we would then have to move our own MSP so it is a weird scenario.

Sorry for the long post but hope the above makes sense, overall I feel the ban was excessive and the admin somewhat abusing the power available to him/her due to being agitated by my actions.



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So first of all, the kick. The way I work during seeding is to send a message regularly with the seeding rules in it, either as a reminder for people or for those who don't know them. For clarification, this is the message I always send: "The server is currently seeding, this means no armored assets, no commander assets, no camping/destroying/shooting (at) MSP's or FOB's and no building or usage of AT/AA-guns. The admins will inform you when these restrictions are lifted.".

I do this when:
- A couple of players have joined the server
- On a regular basis as reminder that we're still seeding and what the rules are
- Someone is possibly about to break a seeding rule

In your case, the third reason applied. I saw you were getting close to the enemy MSP so I broadcasted my message to remind you that you shouldn't camp, destroy or shoot (at) the MSP. I went over to you and followed you and saw you killing a guy close but not at the MSP, but was unsure if you've had seen the MSP or not. After killing this guy, you did turn yourself towards the MSP. About 1 or 2 seconds later, a guy spawned in and you shot this person point blank next to the MSP. That's when you got kicked.

Afterwards you came back and complained that I didn't warn you. As I already told you in-game, the seeding message counts as warning and so is a kick, both are a warning. But it's up to the admin which method they want to use and in a situation like camping a MSP, I tend to go for a kick to get rid of the immediate danger. If I send a message, I need to worry about "has he read it or not?", "is he doing it on purpose now?" which in a case of someone camping a MSP, there is no time for that. If you don't act quickly and thoroughly, people will complain and perhaps even leave the server, which is the worst case scenario during seeding. Also the part where you said that it was me spawning at that MSP is untrue, since I was in spectator camera the entire time since I joined to overlook seeding.

Now onto the 3-day ban. When I saw the MSP moving, I noticed a player of the opposing team in the direction where the MSP was so I quickly panned over there. Not long after you started shooting at the MSP, the first shot damaging the MSP and the second or third shot killing the driver of the MSP. That was the second time you broke a seeding rule so my hands were tied and there was no other thing I could do then give you a ban, as is our procedure. It doesn't matter if you couldn't resist or not, our rules state clearly that during seeding you're not allowed to camp/destroy/shoot (at) MSP's. And yes, that does make the driver untouchable during seeding because if you shoot the driver out, a MSP might be left in the redzone or quickly get swarmed and possibly destroyed. Actions like these might seriously harm our seeding effort, that's why there are so many strict rules on it.

Finally, I'm under the impression that you don't know our (seeding) rules. If you would have known our rules, no kick nor ban would've ever taken place. Our rules can be found in various places and I suggest to read them and if there's any uncertainty or question, feel free to ask an admin. The rules can be found in-game on the MOTD (available when you join the server or under Tab -> Show MOTD), on our Discord, on our forums and on our website.

Also, saying I've abused my powers is the furthest from the truth. I'm probably the most lenient admin in our clan. But I'll let this up to the other admins and/or Clan Captain's. They can decide if the ban was justified or not and if so, remove the ban.


Hey Buckbeak,

IMT gave you already a very detailed response. He broadcasted the the message with the seeding rules every couple minutes and when you violated it the first time, IMT used the mildest possible tool at his disposal which was just a kick. You said in your message that later "you couldn't resist" shooting an MSP, even tho you knew by now it is prohibited during seeding.
Nonetheless you proceed and accuse our admin of abusing his admin rights.
Also, saying I've abused my powers is the furthest from the truth. I'm probably the most lenient admin in our clan.
I wholeheartedly second this. IMT is one of our most experienced admin, acts always fair and according to our ruleset. There is no misconduct on his side to be found here.
BTW: EASY has similar if not the same seeding rules.