LtCol Kilgore has been promoted to a clan captain rank!

[40-1] MORD

Clan Leader
LtCol Kilgore joined us in the beginning of June 2018 as a part of our RS2 branch. Ever since he joined he has stood out for his exceptional dedication within our clan, whether it was seeding or taking up Officer duties in 3 departments.

When our Liaison Department was founded a little over a year ago he was one of the first volunteers to take up the role, building it from the ground up to what it has become today. Our flawless reputation with other clans is notably due to LtCol Kilgore's unique rhetoric skill and diplomatic manner that has allowed him to solve any disputes or disagreements in the most professional way.

Everyone who got to know LtCol Kilgore beyond the battlefields of Rising Storm 2 and Post Scriptum know what a kind, caring and polite person he is and values him as a good friend.
Also since joining our ranks LtCol Kilgore has been through all the highs and lows with us, working tirelessly to make sure the lows would not leave a lasting impact on the clan.

Due to the above I am very happy to announce that I promote LtCol Kilgore today to the rank of a Clan Captain.

Thank you for the fantastic work you have put into our community!
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[40-1] Lt Col Kilgore

Thanks a bunch everyone, beer's on me today! 🍻