Mekong ban


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Good morning dear 40-1 members and guests. Just dropping in to say sorry 'bout that massive team wipe last night on Mekong.
Started with RPG with a LOS on their bunkers and wanted to trick shot into their spawn, because GI starts behind the bunkers next to the main road…
Well we all know how that ended. Still don't know how I managed to hit starting VC, because I was standing back against the slope.
Anyway sorry 'bout that. Not here to rage against the kickban, that was totally legit seeing how I just wiped the team.
I know it's just a 2 day ban, but could you please lift it?
I'll solemnly promise not to RPG trick shot on Mekong from VC spawn again. Pinky promise.
And I'll repay you guys with some stellar ambushes on Saigon as PAVN commander.



Clan Captain
Clan Captain
Apology accepted. Ban lifted - though it is your second ban for mass tk. Be carefull mate when a round starts.


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Thanks, much appreciated.
I double checked not to blackbast anybody… but that didn't seem to help 😓

(To be fair, that first session kick was when I suppressed front of Bravo on Hue with MG and 4-5 teammates including an admin got caught in the crossfire in a minute or so
… we all have those matches where it doesn't seem to work out. I should've just redeployed to another angle.
That wasn't smart, so no hard feelings, we gotta owe up to our mistakes)

Anyhow, point taken.
I'll give extra care next time before going on a mad RPG or MG streak.