No reason or explanation for being kicked from squad by Admin

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As per discussion on your discord.

I seek a reason and explanation why i was kicked by Admin uncle iroh from squad made by my fellow SBS clan members.

You can see it happen on the attached screenshot, i also have video evidence of me doing nothing bad in this match at all but only trying to kill tanks.


A possible explanation which was given in-game by one guy aka JustPrezz if i remember correctly was that AT kit was needed on south to kill tank and not on north which i was doing.
Such reason is well quite bad to kick someone from squad not made by your own clanmates... First time i had such situation happened to me in my 1000h playtime in PS and i hope it will never happen again to anyone, as you may learn from this too how not to behave as you seem to be deemed by others to be professional and really respected in PS community.

Your server your rules but i think that was a bit beyond them as i read them carefully and i did not saw anything that would prove i actually broke any rules, as i did not do anything bad in this match except i guess i did not match the expectation of your clan members how to play AT role...

Also sorry if i said any bad words, it was simply a normal frustration which i guess you can understand.

I do not seek here any revenge for such behaviour as we are all humans and we can make mistakes or punishment for a person who did it but a simple sorry and actual explanation would be cool to hear...


[40-1] Uncle Iroh

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Thanks for your complaint.

Firstly - reason is wasting assets.

Before you say "I didn't waste vehicles" - True, but classes are assets too and continued misuse of an important class is detrimental to the team who are asking for your support.

Secondly - explanation:

I saw no less than 3 separate occasions where you were not assisting when asked and at least once where you were quite near the beach to possibly try and wait for American tanks to come out of main whilst the German team asked for your support but didn't bother moving. JustPrezz wasn't the only person to ask and certainly wasn't the first or last. This behaviour wasn't just you however, the other AT suffered the same fate as he was also nowhere to be seen - I don't discriminate so don't take it personally.

As to why the removal from the squad? I thought I would be merciful and let you continue playing on the server and this allows you to do so by removing the asset which was being misused.
Normally this would result in a kick from the server. From now on I will just kick people from the server if this continues.


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First of all, it is not a complaint and i do not take it personally at all but seems you did.

As said i have video evidence of me not wasting assets shall i post it here to prove you wrong or not as you seem to take it quite offensive i dared to even ask for an explanation? But guess you won't need it because i understand you will trust your own clanmates more than some random guy playing on your server. And that is the first time i also saw someone got kicked for supposedly wasting assets in a way you described it on any server i guess someone need to be the first one yup?

Second - no one ever asked me personally to come and deal with tanks on south not by name but by "hey AT come here and help" which in fact i did many times and i did try to do so all-time but as i had no cover from other "not wasted assets". So please next time actually verify your information instead of making an assumption and taking premature action. JustPrez never actually asked me to help which i would gladly offer if i WOULD be asked instead of general question not directed at anyone "AT can you come help"? What he did was, he gave me that amusing explanation of my misusing assets ie going north instead of going south. If me going north instead of going south is wasting assets then i don't know what is actually not, AT role is to hunt tanks which i did as i did try to approach them from many different directions but they were screened by enemy infantry which i did try to avoid. So your point of me wasting such a precious asset as AT i just seem totally invalid and out of place. There was also not a warning that i am supposedly wasting assets which i find also a bit strange as it should happen first before any kick shouldn't it? But i guess that depends by server and admins who have power in there.

As for beach incident, i guess not everyone is perfect and play in perfect way every role as you might want to, but i went there to flank to come at them from behind and not actually waiting for any tank to come from the beach, and i assume that if AT guy hear a tank he shall try to attack it when he deems it is fine, so i waited for them simply in ambush and sadly it failed, then i went same way again to simply either finish that tank or again go behind the enemy and attack them from behind.

As for your mercy, i am so glad and thankful for it that you let me play on your server instead of kicking me out, that would be a great image for your squadron if you would actually kicked me or even worse ban :)

It actually amuses me a little that you are not even thinking of being the wrong person here without properly investigating such case but instead taking an action without properly looking into it

I am still unsure what do you mean that i was wasting assets so please elaborate it in better details if you can of course, so maybe next time i wont "waste" them in your mind.

Also, i take such an explanation as not satisfactory and i would like someone higher than you to look into it and made it more clear in your rules what is "wasting assets" as it seems it is not clear enough. So there would be no more such situations in future that you can kick people without first properly warning them that they are supposedly breaking a rule.

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I can assure you Iroh did not take it personal. You asked for an explanation, he delivered one.
As Iroh said, the team asked for AT support and both AT classes were nowhere to be seen. Post Scriptum is all about teamplay and even tho I agree if there are no other orders from SL/PL , the AT can go hunt tanks/MSPs, but in this particular incident people asked for AT support.

Due to the complexity of Post Scriptum I am sure you understand that we can not list all of the X-amount of possible varieties of wasting team assets.

Admins are advised to push out warnings first before kicking/banning players from the server. In this case tho, People asked multiple times for AT support which should have gotten your attention and Iroh used the mildest possible admin asset at his disposal, which was only a kick from the Squad and not from the server.



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Ok your server your rules i got it, but i will still disagree how this situation was handled as i did not play AT from start of the map just to say i grab it shortly after we lost beach objectives and then i did everything i could to kill any vehicle i can but i guess me dying to infantry while trying to do it, is wasting assets in your eyes. Was doing it for 41 min until i suddenly wasted enough of AT kit i guess. I was also doing what my SL told me so i was just following orders all time and i did spawn on fob next to guns which we needed to defend and i did attack those tanks there but you don't take that into consideration at all. Well, as said your server your rules but the process of warning people could be improved a little bit and kicking for something like that from the server which you said is a possibility? Well tad to much for me i would say ;)

As you mentioned i saw people warning and i was attacking any tank/vehicle i saw... So yes i did provide support which people wanted in a way i simply could do it without dying immediately which happen few times when i answered to requests of all people. But it seems to flank a target and not charging from the front is deemed as bad thing lol.

I assume there is no point to discuss it longer as you do believe you are right in what you did an i guess you are in some way on which i kinda disagree but that is my opinion.

Kinda sad as i like your server as people are quite friendly there and helpful most of the time, and your map rotation is also nice.

Have fun and thanks for the civil discussion and good luck with your server!

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