Out of the net, on the move.


Robi reporting in. Move went great—professional crew. If the crates’ seals stay intact, we should be good. Now just have to drop a bunch of cash and buy a house to get my gaming rig back via delivery of the shipment. Or upgrade my laptop...

Will try to stay upon forums, and hopefully catch some Hex streaming.

Someone asked (Sturmy?) about fishing where I’m heading and below is a pic of a trout caught on the river behind my buddy’s house in Norfork, Arkansas. His son is a pro fishing guide on this river, great young man and amazing fisherman.


[40-1] Ragnarök

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Hey Robin,
Happy to hear all went well! Good luck for finding a house and thanks for the update :grin:
Stay safe and healthy, see you on the rice fields soon,



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Clan Captain
Hey Robi - YES! Thats what i talk about. Size and colour - what a sexy beast. Glad that the moving thingy went well. See ya soon