Patriarch Permanent Ban Appeal


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My Steam name is 'The Patriarchy'
I used to be in the Sturm regiment until I resigned and took a break from P.S. a couple months ago and I've only just gotten back into the game and realised I've been banned from the 40-1 Post Scriptum Server and discord server, the ban seems to have began on the 28/02/2021. The server message on Post Scriptum explains that the ban reason is that I have grossly disrespected your community.

This came as something of a shock to me initially because I've always had good relations with 40-1 and I've always had good experiences on 40-1 servers. I now realise it is because I spawned in four tractors inside an objective during a competitive event in which 40-1 was taking part, the date of that event matches up with the date the ban began. I have the recording from when it happened and I still remember fairly well. I certainly never meant any disrespect towards 40-1, I was not trying to ruin/sabotage the match and in my brain at the time all I was only thinking about was that it'd would have been amusing to those playing in the match to find those tractors. Why did I do it, why did I find it funny? Well in my own defence I was drunk - many in sturm will testify that often that's how I play - and I was caught up in the banter that was going on in the Sturm voice chat due to the server confusion and I completely took things too far, only thinking about funny side, I neglected to consider the seriousness of the event and I'm sorry I made that poor decision.

I've always spoken highly of 40-1 and held you guys in high regard as our hardest fights were against 40-1 in the early days, we really had to sweat to win, due to that I've always spoken well of your regiment. I've played on the server many times and I know that I've never abused anyone through the chats, I don't cheat, I've never made sections before leaving immediately and so on. I think I can confidently say I have a good record, I always communicate politely and play the game as intended. I also think I have a fairly good record as part of the P.S. community for instance I was one of the main organisers for the 'Hotel Hartenstein' charity event last year and I have hosted many custom events for kampfgruppe kempf which anyone could play.

In summary I am sorry for spawning in those tractors, I should not have done that, but I think my record is otherwise deserving of another chance. I would be really grateful If you would reconsider the permanent ban.

[40-1] itsloz

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Hmmmmm I may forgive you in an exchange for bag of cookies.

I can't speak for the others but had it been a regular old clan match I would have easily found the funny side. But it wasn't just a clan match, it was our last match for the ladder tournament something we had been taking part and working hard for, for most of the year. Now that being said if the others decide to lift the ban then i will welcome you into the squad with open arms. Just no more tractors for the love as god.

I will expect my cookies delivery in 2 weeks

[40-1] Segert Vorster

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ooooh You're THAT guy. I remember that. The issue was that is was a very serious match. And because we did not see the tractors spawn in but only saw the tractors itself. We did not think you spawned them in. But that somehow our enemy cheated and spawned in vehicles to rush the point. before us. Because they overran us. That all caused confusion in our lines in the match. Because we thought what how the hell do they get 8 or so tractors. i was one of the guys that discovered them on the rusty 40 team. And i was just WTF? how the hell do they get these tractors here. So many do not even spawn in on a map. So we suspected cheating. As in the past this clan was victim of cheaters before. So we are very careful with that.

Luckily that was not the case. But from what we heard the sturm admin at the time spawned them in to celebrate them taking the first point and thus winning. Which was kinda disrespectful towards us. As an host server in the ladder should be neutral. And because of that we where very displeased. Later we heard Sturm had measures taken about this case. We as 40-1 where fine with that.

And i understand completely where you are coming from. I myself have also had moments of foolishness' of dumbness(a lot of clan members can attest to that). So i would agree to lift your ban. I think you have been punished enough for this. And i would accept your apology. However we must see what the clan leadership decides. As they make the decision on this case.

Also im all for bribing with cookies. 2 boxes should be enough for me. I like those butter cookies.


Hi Patriarch,
Thanks for your message. Yes indeed, we always have been on good terms towards each other thats why it came much to our surprise when you spawned in these tractora during our ladder match.
I lifted the permban, welcome back mate!
And please no more tractors.


Sorry for the late reply.


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Thank you guys I appreciate it
And yes there'll be no more tractors from me haha

See you all in game :)