Permanent Ban in RS2

[T40-1] BoyButter

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Hey, i was banned on the RS2 server a couple of days ago and would like to appeal against it. I know i am sometimes very provocative and apologize if i was a bit annoying, but i don´t think it is fair to permanently ban a regular player without a warning or anything. It´s not like i run around insulting everyone all day. I support commanders as radioman or try to be a good spawnpoint as squadleader.
There are many times, when i have been insulted or intentionally teamkilled and nothing happened. While i have no problem with kicking someone for an hour/ day, i think it is an overreaction, to kick a regular player like that.

What also confuses me, is that it says "multiple bans". I remember that i have been banned for 2 weeks (i guess) 1 or 2 years ago for a random teamkill in the last second of a match. I know, teamkilling bad etc etc, but it is irritating since many players do that (it´s the end of the game, it mostly doesn´t matter), and don´t get kicked. I also remember that this kick also came without a warning or any kind of communication.

[40-1] Ragnarök

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Hey BoyButter,

thanks for your message. Generally we aim to treat all players equally and especially long time regulars should know the rules on our servers. You have 4 bans on record on our server, which are your warning (See the attached screenshot).
If you encounter a player violating our rules by teamkilling then please feel free to report it to one of our admins online or on our Discord, we have chatlogs for all messages and if you whitness teamkill then screenshots or a short videoclip are sifficient evidence if no admin is around.

I will lift your permanent ban, but please be aware if there should be any missbehaviour from your side then we will add the permanent ban again with no chance for appeal.
Have a nice evening,