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Hey guys,

since discussions are discouraged regarding rules in game I wanted to voice some observations I made the last couple of weeks and provide some constructive feedback regarding the rule enforcement on your public PS server. I've been a regular on your server for ages now, enjoying some of the best squad play on PS pubs there is, esp. in EU prime time. Or at least until a couple of months ago. Due to RL I've been quite inactive for months now, only to play regularly since two or so weeks ago. As the german I am I'll be blunt: the administration and rule enforcement sucks compared to the last I was active.
  1. Rulings are often one-sided and usually made only, when it directly affects the team an admin is currently on. For example: pleas for removing SLs without a MIC or will to communicate on the opposing team very often falls on deaf ears.
  2. Rules are enforced inconsistently. One day it is allowed to AT mine near fixed spawns, the other day it is considered against the rules.
  3. Lack of admins during certain prime times. Some of the worst matches due to straight out racist or xenophobic remarks was on a sunday evening, with no admin in sight.
  4. Misuse of administrative rights. There were two seperate incidents, where on admin used his powers to spot the mortar splashes. This stuff really kills the game for me.
  5. Lax enforcement when it comes to racism/xenophebia/anti-semitism. An example from yesterday: "press f to kill all the juice" had no repurcussion whatsoever, despite an admin being active.
I really hope you guys don't take it the wrong way. I would really like for the public server to return to the quality it had couple of months ago.

[40-1] IMT

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Hello, thank you for your feedback. To be fair, we don't have changed the way we police or admin our server, it may seem that way for you, but we haven't.

For number 1 and 5, keep in mind that admins are playing the game actively. We're players first and foremost and in case needed, we perform our admin duties. The only time where you can expect admins to be an admin before a player is during seeding. So this means that admins can miss the chat. In that case, you can always create a ticket on our Discord. It will ping all admins and you're sure to get a response and action will be taken if necessary.

For number 2, every admin react differently to different situations. But I agree that we need to work on being on one line together.

For number 3, we're humans, we don't get payed and we're doing it voluntarily. If you need an admin and there is no on, go on our Discord and create a ticket on #reports-and-support. You're guaranteed to get a response there and if needed action will be taken. Most of the times, if needed, an admin will hop onto the server and deal with the problem for a brief time of period.

Now lastly number 4, that's indeed misuse of administrative rights. In such case, please message one of our Clan Captains on Discord or the forums and inform them about the situation. They will deal with it accordingly and make sure it doesn't happen again.

Finally, thank you for playing on our server. I'm sorry that you feel that we've lowered our standard regarding rules enforcement. But I can guarantee you, that's not the case.

[40-1] itsloz

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Hello! Thanks for the feedback. If you'll indulge me maybe i can make clear up a couple of things.

1. The problem for us is we can only see things on the side we're playing on so they tend to be acted on faster. For the the 'opposition side' we need to be told which usually means the offence has already happened. Like IMT said we have the create a ticket on #reports-and-support we also now have a new tool to help which is the chats and team kills are recorded through discord so we can get a better picture on what's going on.
2. The AT mines outside main has recently been cemented and now NO AT mines are allowed outside main but they are still allowed to be placed inside fixed spawns but AP mines are not.
3.Like IMT said we do this voluntary and since the clan is mostly made up entirely from Europe there will be a period where everyone is at work or asleep if the have night shifts, there isn't much we can do about it unfortunetly.
4. If you ever suspect an admin is using their powers incorrectly let the clan captains and we police ourselves much more harshly than we do the public. A reason why the mortars were so accurate is that they are using the mortar calculator online which isn't illegal and public plyers can use it if they wish to do so.
5. If something like that ever happens again just create a ticket on #reports-and-support. It will ping all the admins and will be acted upon. Sometimes text chat can be missed because the admin is playing the game and hasn't noticed. We are players first and foremost so we do tend to concentrate on playing rather than reading chat. Which is why we rely on the public for help.

Hope this helps clear thigs up a bit. If you have any more concerns feel free to DM me i'll see what i can do to help,
See you on the battlefield