RS2:V - Banned for "racism"

Kwa-Tzu ☭

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Hello, as the title says, I got ban for 14 days for "racism". I thinks it's big misunderstand - I just called the AUS forces "diggers", which is australian military slang for a "soldier". I hope It was just a mistake and I will be unbanned soon.

(English is not my native language so sorry for any mistakes.)


[40-1] AJ.-

Problem solved. It was all my fault, I should try and research the term before throwing the ban hammer.

Sorry for created problems, won't happen again.:salute:


Clan Captain
Clan Captain
No worries about english not your native language and indeed "diggers" are aussie soldiers. The misunderstanding was from our side. Again sorry for any inconvenience this has created.
Best regards Sturmie