why ? incursor27 complied and still got kicked


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hi every one i was on the PS server i was told to move out of the cap zone because seeding i moved 300 meters out and started sniping with the mg 42 "from one cap to the other" they where literally capping and i still got kicked from the server !!??!
i dont get it i did as the admin said can i have clarifications?

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From what i've understood from the admin its because you broke multiple seeding rules in a short period. Shooting at an msp, spawn camping ect.


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understood . i never spawn camped the main and they recklessly drove the msp in the flag so it wasn't even spawnable . about the first infraction the admin wrote me and i immediately went back as he said , now i understand that the guy is an admin and you guys are always gonna be favorable to him but i think i got treated harshly because that is straight up power abuse . at least I'm happy he was on the receiving end of my mg42 lol , i call it poetical justice .
thanks for the reply , cheers !

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I dont know what admin it was. But i can say. We dont Abuse admin power in this clan. We take admining our servers very serious. It seems you got warned about seeding rules. I dont know if you are a new player. at least on our server. But camping main is almost never allowed. If someone drove the msp into the cap. That someone will also be punished or told off(a warning) for wasting assets. Everyone during seeding first receives warning.

What i understand is that you broke multiple seeding rules in short order. Those seeding rules are broadcast regularly during seeding. And are shown prominently on server entrance. My advice is for every server you enter. To read them carefully. While i was not there. and i don't know which admin ruled against you. I cant give you exact clarification. But if you break other seeding or server rules after being warned about one. It is up to the admin if he wants to give another warning. He is then within his rights to kick you. And give you a ban based on your infractions. Seeing you have a 1 day ban. It means those where not that heavy of rule breaking. But still rule breaking after being warned. You are welcome to play again Today(afternoon). We hope to see you then. And that you now understand the seeding rules.
Hi Incursor,

Let me explain. The server was seeding, as you know, but ,maybe what you didn't know is our side was struggling to keep players from leaving as your side had 2 MSP's close to the point and our MSP's had a line of enemy preventing reinforcements.

Yes you did move away from our first MSP position when I asked you the first time, and all was good. Then I moved the MSP very close to the point so we could capture it before time ran out, your team was actually falling back at the time to allow this, meaning we could prolong the game, and try and get more active players.

So when I spawned on that MSP and immediately had incoming MG on me, my team mates and the MSP, I looked on admin cam and saw you camping the MSP, from a few hundred meters away, killing all who spawned and damaging the MSP in the process (engine out).

I had to make a quick kick/ban decision to prevent more people complaining and to prevent you doing it again. The rules had been broadcast several times, and I had previously warned you to stay away. So I only had the choice to kick you, and chose a 1 day ban as , to me, you were ignoring the rules and I was trying to keep players from leaving while the server was struggling to seed.

It was nothing personal, I was trying to play the game as well, but found myself having to admin not only you, but others that were making the process very difficult.

I hope you understand my decision and that I was only doing it to uphold the server rules and keep the server seeding.
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