Server Rules

General rules

- No racism, no xenophobia, no religious talk, no politics, no trolling
- Use VoIP for team tactics and do not spam it
- Respect fellow gamers and do not argue on the server
- No deliberate team killing
- Use English language in VoIP
- Using cheats, exploits and game glitches is prohibited (resetting vehicles off terrain in Post Scriptum is not glitching)
- If any rule is unclear or an issues requires further consideration and clarification please respect the Game Admins decision.

Post Scriptum rules

- You create a squad, you lead it: When someone creates a squad he is not allowed to dump SL role on someone else.
- No one man Squads: Post Scriptum is based on teamplay so don't one man a section for your own purpose. (e.g. smg bug)
- No camping and mortaring the FIXED spawns: It is a cheap way of playing. Give the enemy team the time to reinforce and have a chance. This will make the game more enjoyable for both teams. Mortaring the fixed spawns is prohibited!
- SL's/PL's have to use VOIP: Communication is very important in a game like this. For this reason it is mandatory that the SL's and PL work together in English over VOIP.
- Don't waste team assets: Wasting team assets will always cost a lot of tickets one way or another.
- Streamers should use overlay to cover the map.

Post Scriptum seeding rules

During seeding our goal is to fill the server as fast as possible. For this reason we enforce a couple of rules that will make the game a bit easier for lower numbers and more fun for people to join.
These rules will be enforced until both sides have reached a number of over 40 players (20 v 20).

- No destroying/blocking/camping MSP's/FOB's: This will create a situation where there is more spawn points for players to spawn in on. No-one wants to walk/drive for half an hour and then get shot.
- No locked squads: A lot of players are new/have no mic/want to play as a group. They need to join a squad and unlock all roles with more people. Larger sections will enjoy the game and join faster.
- No tanks: At low numbers it will be hard to unlock the roles needed in big enough numbers to counter enemy vehicles. That means that tanks at low numbers are unstoppable if done right. To make sure people like the game and stay we will not use the armor until there are enough assets to counter them.
- No Commander assets: The commander role has abilities that can devastate a game at low numbers, making the game a lot harder and less fun. For this reason we will not use the commander assets until both teams are strong enough to bounce back from such strikes.

Rising Storm 2 rules

* Roles:
- Commanders/SL's are expected to use VoIP or chat to communicate with their team and use the assets available for them.
- US Squad Leaders are a mobile spawn point and should do their best to stay alive as long as possible to spawn their squad as close to an active objective as possible.They also should take artillery marks for commander and use smoke grenades if they are available for them.
- Vietcong Squad Leaders are expected to put up a tunnel for their squads to spawn on.